Ausstellung der National Waterolor Society

Hallo DAG’ler: die National Watercolor Society läd ein, sich an ihrer jährlichen internationalen Ausstellung zu beteiligen. Jeder kann sich bewerben, die Ausstellung wird von der NWS juriert. Anbei die Orginal-Einladung und ein link zur website, wo es zusätzliche Informationen gibt.

Greetings .. eMailing you as Director of the 2015 NWS 95th Annual International Exhibition to inform you that this is your opportunity to join the growing international membership and participation in our global outreach. One of our goals is an International Series of Exchange Exhibitions. The first part of our series was be the invitation to Exhibit with the 2nd Eau en Couleurs International Biennial. And we are hosting their selection of artists at our 2015 International Exhibition at the NWS Gallery. Our entry is online and you are eligible as a member or non-member. Please refer to and follow the easy instructions on the website.
Please feel free to contact me for any other details;

The National Watercolor Society
Penny Hill, Exhibitions Director
tel(+1) 760 908 3389

Weitere Infos finden Sie hier bei der National Watercolor Society

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