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The DAG/GWS e.V. was founded on 2 August 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany. The purpose of this society is to promote the arts, especially watercolour painting. Our objectives are: to widen the appreciation of contemporary watercolour painting within the art scene, to encourage the members‘ affinity to watercolour painting, to serve as a platform for all watercolourists and to cultivate artistry as well as to support and popularise freelance contemporary artists.

The society wants to fulfill the mission of its articles through:

a) Promotion of the shaping of public opinion concerning watercolour by means of presentations and other activities particularly with regard to the appreciation of contemporary creative power, but also regarding the appraisal of former periods of art;

b) Organisation and promotion of workshops, watercolour painting courses and seminars for children and adults, organisation of exhibitions, organisation of visits to exhibitions, galleries, studios, fairs and museums at home and abroad, art journeys, lectures and activities similar in kind;

c) Cooperations, exchange and cooperative work with watercolour and art associations and other organisations at home and abroad whose purpose aims at supporting watercolour activities;

d) Creation of an Internet portal as well as a magazine for members;

e) The operation of a meeting place to host meetings, workshops and to execute art exhibitions and cultural activities. The society is above party lines, religiously unaffiliated and does not make any restrictions with regard to nationality. In addition to our membership fees we also need well-intentioned benefactors and sponsors to reach our objectives. Therefore, we ask for your support and gratefully express our gratitude to you, Just fill in the form below. For our society, for watercolour painting, For artistry.

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