About us

Like so many times before everything started with an idea. In the spring of 2012, there was the vision of founding a society. A society that unites watercolour people. That is concerned with each and any facet and possibility of watercolour painting. Whether it be landscape, still life, animals, floral, portrait, illustratory or abstract. No matter if professional artist or absolute beginner. A society that may someday run a gallery, host workshops and seminars, organise painting holidays or museum visits at home and abroad for its members. A society that encourages the dialogue with other societies and associations from abroad. A society in the manner of those that already exist in many other countries.

The first step has been taken. On 2 August 2012, 10 watercolourists met for a foundation assembly at the premises of the Freie Kunstakademie Gerlingen, a free academy of fine arts in Gerlingen, Germany. The date of founding for the Deutsche Aquarell Gesellschaft/German Watercolour Society e.V., DAG/GWS e.V..